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2016 intelligent security project contact - WuHan Railway Station
【 Udate:2016-07-16 11:50:50】
[Chinese security exhibition network project will contact] in recent years, in the national policy to encourage, in Hubei Province, and vigorously promote the wisdom of the city's infrastructure, application system construction and supporting industry construction, and actively guide the transformation of networking, cloud computing, big data and other new generation of information technology application, organization and implementation of a number of related wisdom government, the wisdom of urban management, medical wisdom, wisdom agriculture, intelligent transportation, smart living, smart home care, wisdom logistics and wisdom of life and other areas of pilot demonstration projects. In order to further promote the development of smart city Hubei, the implementation of the wisdom of project construction, the afternoon of June 23rd, sponsored by the China security exhibition network, Hubei Province security technology industry association, Guangzhou city of Electronic Science and Technology Co. Ltd. exclusive title, Shenzhen Zhi'an vanguard technology limited company gift sponsored "2016 smart security project will contact - WuHan Railway Station Wuhan Junyi Dynasty Hotel six floor Alishan hall held! [entry into the 2016 smart security project contact project]
Delegates from the Hubei security association and the representatives of famous and excellent security enterprises attended the meeting.
Hubei Security Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Hu Cao, system integrators on behalf of the Wuhan haichenyoubang Technology Development Co., Ltd. chairman Cui Yibing Chinese Security Exhibition Network General Manager Zhang Chunyu, Guangzhou city of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Chen Yugang, Guangzhou city of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. R & D Center Professor Zhang Zhengwen Shenzhen Zhi'an Technology Co. Ltd. 10000 Sheng Hongli, director of marketing Shenzhen Weimar Network Technology Co Ltd General Manager Ren Yi, Shenzhen City Weimar Electricity Network Technology Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Ren Xiao Fei, Shenzhen City Weimar Network Technology Co Ltd (Wuhan branch) Zhou Song, general manager of Shenzhen Weimar electricity network Technology Co. Ltd technical director Liu Haiming, general manager of Zhejiang achiver Wuhan operating platform Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Lin Jinwen, Canon (Chinese) Co. Ltd. Ma Miao The Miao and other guests attended the meeting.
Among them, Guangzhou, R & D center of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. professor Zhang Zhengwen Shenzhen City 10000 Zhian Technology Co. Ltd. marketing director Hongli Sheng, general manager of Wuhan Zhejiang achiver operation platform Communication Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Lin Jinwen Weimar Electricity Network Technology Co. Ltd. technical director Liu Haiming, Canon (Chinese) Co., Ma Miaomiao, as the the meeting on behalf of security companies bring new products and new technology to share the results, topics include development direction, video surveillance industry applications, audio video network alarm service operators, network visualization solutions, network transmission scheme etc..
Converging in Hubei area security engineers, system integrators and distributors, "2016 intelligent security project contact WuHan Railway Station" conference to attract the enthusiastic participation of the majority of the security community in Hubei area. The meeting began at two o'clock in the afternoon. Hu Cao, the Deputy Secretary General of Hubei safety technology and preventive Industry Association and Zhang Chunyu, the general manager of the China security exhibition network, came to the stage. Hu Cao said, smart security project approach is a new model of Internet security development will be launched to explore China Security Exhibition Network Security Association, Hubei has the responsibility and obligation to actively promote the development of a new model of security, Chinese security exhibition network "2016 smart security project approach" to support! Thanks to Zhang Chunyu strongly recognized by CO organizer, said the project will contact a clear intention to promote security cooperation and development in Hubei, hope to be more famous companies into the Hubei market through the conference mode, let the local project developers, integrators, distributors "going out".